Automating your eBay Listing Process

Automating your eBay Listing Process

Posting on eBay tends to seem to most like a pretty straightforward process. You upload your photos, post a name description, go through the standard  listing process until you item appears on the site. If you use eBay on a regular basis, especially for business, however you might find that after awhile the process gets a bit tedious. The standard website form gets repetitive and the loading time can be pretty slow, especially lacking a premium internet connection and hardware quality. There is, however a quick-navigate-buttonssimpler way to post your listings and communicate with the customers.
Software like SonicLister allows you to simplify and essentially automate the entire process and prevent you from trudging in front of a screen for hours on end. With features that allow you to quickly and easily manage listings, upload photos, and much more you’ll find that the software does most of thr work for you. Many eBay sellers are simplifying their lives and work on eBay by using software to cut their time into a fraction of the effort required before. Let’s see some ways SonicLister specifically can help.

Autoschedulerscheduler-upperThe auto-scheduler allows you not only to manage and share items but even allows to you to manage your scheduling automatically. You can manage and track your items and orders at the click of a few buttons. Imagine the ability to complete your work for the day before it even begins.

Auto Photo Uploader

Products like Sonic Lister make uploading photos for multiple items substantially easier with the auto uploading software. You can upload multiple photos all at once and at a much higher speed than using the tradition wizard programs. Why wait for photos to load after you’ve trudged through all your files trying to find the right one for each listing? This software makes the process quicker, easier, and even more efficient and accurate as it assists you in the process. You can also auto import your photos right from Soniclister program rather than having to make the long and arduous journey through your desktop and folders to find each one.

Automated Records

You may want to keep track of each item you have sold and each order you have fulfilled. Not only is it good to keep good records in case something should go wrong later, but if you sell enough you may want to keep track for tax purposes should you be liable. SonicLister allows you to a view a log of all items sold with their price included. This logs is kept automatically so you won’t be required to punch every sale into a spreadsheet yourself.

Save yourself the time and headache, and even money from potential sales lost because time constraints and human error. Why not automate the process and streamline your path to success in the eBay market.



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