List and track your items the easy way!

Sonic Lister will help you save time and effort when listing your items online guaranteed!

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Optimize the time you spend behind the camera. Sonic lister helps the process by working with canons software to automatically import the photos

Sonic Lister will import single or multiple photos right into a auction page, let you edit them, change brightness, contrast and select gallery images all while on 1 single page. Don’t worry about photoshop, or any other editing program. Edit your photos in one spot!


Our easy to use barcode printing and scanning technology will help you organize your collection.

How much time do you spend looking for a coin? Is every coin cataloged and barcoded? Well now it can be, for the price of a sticker ( a few pennies ) each coin can be sequentially barcoded and categorized so that you can know if you have cataloged, photoed, or shipped a coin. This process was built buy a coin dealer, for coin dealers.


Easy to view colors and columns to view Active, Sold, Live and Actively Bidding auctions.

Our easy to read, simple listings page shows your scheduled, live listings, Actively Bidding listings and listings that did not sell. Jump to a specific item buy clicking on it, or view a quick overview. Real time find as you type search box to easily find active or sold items.


Easy integration to print labels for first class, priority and copy tracking information right into Sonic Lister!

Sonic Lister, Integrates with Endicia a 3rd party shipping program for the United States Postal Service and is compatible with the Mac and PC. Print labels, and upload tracking information with a click of a button to your completed sales.

Simply Advanced Listing Software

Our simple to use, with advanced features software for fast listing on eBay.

With SonicLister, you have the ability to create a new item, duplicate the data and create a new auction in seconds. Upload photos or take them right from your attached camera. Adjust categories, descriptions, Auction or Buy it nows, low price alarms, images and more right from the main listings page.


*Connect a compatible DSLR to our system for easy import of photos, file management and easy archiving of images all in one place.

Our development team have integrated the most popular DSLR into our program by linking camera control interface into SonicLister. The camera control not only allows camera control, but import, crop and brightness and contrast adjustments. This takes the photo taking process down to a few minutes, if not seconds!


Reuse old auction data and create a new listing faster than ever before!

Sonic Lister helps you find your old auction listings quickly and use the data from them, categories, descriptions and titles! Its all there! Build a listing in minutes!


Setup and installation takes just a few minutes to complete


Processionally designed custom templates with your company logo.


Use our low price alerts feature to let you know when something is under priced!


We have developed a process that not only saves time, but helps keep your organized.


Our software integrates with the latest DSLR cameras for a smooth import of your images.


Print & Scan barcodes to help you keep organized while you power through your collection of coins.

Packing Slips

Print custom packing slips with your company logo, items, totals and a message.


Use SonicLister to bulk edit any amount of listings from your account.

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SonicLister was developed by our team for a specific purpose: “Lower the amount of time spent on eBay listings.” We believe that this software achieves this purpose and more. Our team maintains a mix of development experience and leadership in order to provide innovative strategies to online listing services and website synchronization to meet the needs of our client base.


Our team also relies on project management while monitoring and evaluating current processes in order to create software that outperforms the competition while lowering the cost of use. We believe that technology will ultimately drive efficiencies that may not be recognized by previous users or business owners and that leaves a space for new technology and software at a low cost to help improve ROI of the overall business process’s.


Our ultimate goal is to lower the time of listing coins online while helping the customer keep track of their current inventory safely and securely. For more information, please contact us today!



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Our 5 minute overview video will show you the features and capabilities of SonicLister.